Intrepid Astrology Software Features

Events & Time Keypads

Instant Chart Moves

Instantly jump your uniwheel, biwheel or triwheel charts by sign-, house- & degree-ingresses, planetary stations, lunar phases, solar or lunar eclipses, planetary aspects, planetary returns and more! A fantastically helpful tool for rectifying, electional or horary work. Learn more >

Heavenly Bodies Keypad

Quickest Custom Charts

View any planet, asteroid, fixed star, planetary node, midpoint, moon and many other points from your chart screen...all with 1 click! No more confusing windows or complex hierarchies. Learn more >

User Preferences screen

Unique Feature Sets

We've included our best-in-class features like SuperBirth charts, Planetary Companions,  16 progressions, arc-direction by any planet, multiple Print options, and a lot more all on the main screen. Learn more >

Intrepid Astrology Software Feedback

Gary P. Caton

“Really like the moving wheels, asteroid coverage & trans-neptunian objects. An incredible research tool and absolutely the best bang for the buck on the market.” – Gary P. Caton, Professional Astrologer

testimonials avatar

“I LOVE how easy it is to add asteroids! Before Intrepid, I would have to look up the asteroid with my chart because I don’t like the small/limited (hard to see) extra ring chart for asteroids in [another software program]. Via Intrepid, I just found out that the asteroid Jacqueline is conjunct the Galactic Center. 😀  That seems so fitting!”

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“As a student in the AFA “Super Star” course, I have found Intrepid very valuable in checking my mathematical calculations and also exploring the “extras”.  I recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in chart calculation. Thank you so much…it was very nice to be able to speak with you and receive that personal touch and service.  I am now a fan of Intrepid, forever!!!!!”