Jeffrey S. Close
Founder & Developer, Intrepid Astrology Software

The roots of Intrepid Software go back to 1974 with the creation of the Astrological Bureau of Ideas by astrologer Capel N. McCutcheon.

In 1997, Mr. McCutcheon sold ABOI to Jeffrey S. Close. At this point, the astrological chart business was on the wane with more astrologers using their own computers to calculate charts. Nonetheless Mr. Close continued in business until 1999. Mr. Close had been concurrently operating the country’s leading telecommunications circuit pricing company, Tri-Quad Enterprises, Inc.

In 2000, Mr. Close sold Tri-Quad and devoted full time to developing an original theory of astrology that he had been working on for many years. He hired multiple programmers to translate his theories, known today as Self-Evident Astrology™, into an innovative software program designed with the end-user experience firmly in mind. The first copies of Intrepid Astrology Software shipped to customers in July of 2006.

Since then Mr. Close has integrated some of the most ground-breaking innovations in astrological computing into the Intrepid platform. These include Planet-Centered Zodiacs, new types of progressions and a world’s-first Heliacal Cycles & Phases module, among many others. But beyond and more important than advanced programming, Mr. Close has kept at the leading edge of astrological interpretations both at the professional and consumer levels. His alliance with top professionals has resulted in a full suite of Report Writers as add-ons to Intrepid. Today, Intrepid Astrology Software is the go-to solution for the prestigious American Federation of Astrologers as well as for numerous teaching professionals.


Stephanie Clement, Ph.D
Author, Creative Potentials, Hidden Talents, Lifetime Development and Planet Centered Report Writers

Stephanie is a professional astrologer practicing astrology for over thirty years. The President of the American Federation of Astrologers and member of NCGR, Stephanie has served on the faculty of Kepler College and has been a speaker throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Stephanie has published numerous articles in astrological magazines and has written numerous books including: Charting Your Career, Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology,  and Dreams: Working Interactive.


Adam Gainsburg
Creator, Sky EngineSynodic Software

Adam is a professional astrologer in private practice since 2003. He is a member of NCGR and ISAR and serves as an advisor to AFAN. He is on the teaching faculty of the IAA and is an active researcher and lecturer nationally. Adam’s focus is the sentient interface of astrology and astronomy through his active private practice and astrological training programs. His books include The Soul’s Desire for WholenessPluto & the Lunar Nodes and the popular Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart. His most recent book, The Light of Venus, has been praised for its innovative integration of ancient sky watching practices and our advanced understanding of human consciousness today. Adam offers advanced classes on many topics and lectures at conferences and chapters around the US. Adam lives in Virginia. For more about Adam: www.AdamGainsburg.com