Our Commitment

US map┬áThe number one piece of feedback we’ve received from colleagues and customers since 2007 is how EASY Intrepid’s user interface is to use. This isn’t an accident as we’ve spent lots of time and energy on creating a UI which makes it as simple and effective for you to find what you’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. Though we’ve never formalized the individual tenets of our development strategy, here’s what they might be if we did:

1. Astrology software should be made for the end user, not for programmers and nerds (like us). It should be designed with easy, intuitive user interfaces, deliver a full range of go-to feature sets, and perform with the highest accuracy and fastest speed. No bloatware, arcane menus or indecipherable reports.

2. Astrology software should provide the highest quality of astrological interpretations. This means partnerships with top astrologers whose skill and experience are proven over many years and many clients.

3. Astrology software should always include experimental techniques that represent the latest advances from ancient and modern schools of astrology. The astrology environment today is bristling with new ideas and greater insights into our tradition. Its software should keep up to speed with these exciting times.

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