A complete astrology charting software like Intrepid simply cannot be created without the contributions of many individuals. We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for sharing their expertise and helping to make Intrepid Astrology Software a leading solution in astrology today.

Adam Gainsburg

Jeffrey Sayer Close 

  • Intrepid inventor
  • The 8 planet-centered zodiacs in their natural form
  • “On the fly” chart changes
  • Converse Arc and Transit-Return Arc Directed
  • Day Per Lunation & Converse 
  • Lunation Per Year & Converse 
  • Day Per Node Cycle & Converse 
  • Lunation Per Node Cycle & Converse 
  • Year Per Node Cycle & Converse 
  • Converse Transit for a current location
  • The natural progressed MC in a DPY chart
  • The natural 1:1 pairings of the zodiac signs and the heavenly bodies
  • The font symbols for the planetary nodes and 17 planetary moons
  • Objective meanings of 17 planetary moons
  • Numerological meanings for degrees

Stephanie J. Clement Ph.D

  • Intrepid’s interpretive Report Writers (all 15!)

Gary Caton, Daniel Giamario & Cayelin Castell

  • Original research and modern systems of heliacal cycles and phases in Sky Engine

Deborah Houlding

  • Translations and research of ancient and medieval sources on planetary phases in Sky Engine.

Martha Lang-Wescott

  • Original asteroid fonts

Helmut Licht

  • Solar Longitude Equivalent System (Vertical Zodiac)
  • Magnified Charts