Intrepid Astrology Software Feature List

(Items in red are unique to Intrepid)


> Whole Sign House System added for all chart types
> *Complete overhaul of the Chart Wheel menus
> RETURNS CHARTS in any ring
> Many more search types now applicable to Sidereal charts
> All major asteroids and Dwarf Plants included in Heliocentric charts
> Major improvement to Messages Keypad:
Planets’ sky appearance/invisibility, and Sun elongation auto-displays

> New shortcut:  CTRL+J (CMD+J) displays triwheel for given Birth record
> Extreme accuracy of Aspect List results for any chart type
> New chart type: Harmonic charts for Birth, DpY and Transit triwheel
> COMPLETELY updated Intrepid 3.7 User Manual

> Fully native Intel Mac (very speedy)
> Updated atlas
> Graphical ephemeris of luminaries, north node & planets
> Graphical ephemeris of six asteroids
> Heliocentric zodiac
> User asteroid list, automated asteroid naming
> Database of 150,000 numbered asteroids with multiple searches
> Includes 1000 brightest fixed stars – find stars by constellation
> Completely streamlined, intelligence Chart Wheel menus
> Industry-first chart types
> Many more keyboard shortcuts
> Ephemeris now functions from 1600 to 2400
> Precessed Solar and Lunar Returns (2-clicks)
> Better handling of wheel display for very high latitude births
> Additional features to control time change on the wheel
> New stunning zodiac themed cover sheets

> All Wheels move in time with easy time control
> Time control in increments from 1 second to 99 years
> Or select a precise date and time for charts
> Find next or last Quarter Moons, Full and New Moons
> Search Day per Year, 4 progressions, arc directed & harmonic charts
> Find next or last solar or lunar eclipse
> Find Sign or House entry
> Find a specific longitude
> Find next or last retrograde or direct station
> Find next or last solar or planetary returns
> Select luminaries, planets, upper harmonics, and asteroids to show in charts
> Select and track two additional bodies: add asteroids, midpoints, moons, or nodes
> Find the next point-to-point aspect date in progressed or transit chart
> Critical preferences such as:
house system, zodiac, user charts can be changed right on the wheel screen
> Toggle aspect lines on or off
> Toggle the {redundant} menu bar on or off to maximize chart size

Intrepid includes eight bodies that represent a “multiple” of each planet’s energy. Discovered by Jeffrey Sayer Close and unique to Intrepid, the planetary companions provide a rich field for research and show strong potential for extremely accurate delineation and forecasting.

> Accuracy of NASA’s JPL database via Swiss Ephemerides -5400 to +5400
(Asteroids and Planetary moons have shorter time frames)
> Delta-T Compensation
> Topocentric Capability
> All planetary calculations to the nearest hundredth of an arc-second
> All search functions accurate to within 1/100 of an arc-second
> All retrograde situations found in searches
> Fully Integrated AstroCom Atlas, designed to minimize user error
> VERY intuitive interface, easy and quick to change chart types, time and rings
> Extensive User Manual, filled with graphics
> Exclusive inclusion of SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™
> Dramatic new, simple yet powerful interface
> Free 90 minute training video on DVD
> QUICK FORMAT import and export
> ALT+TAB compatible on Windows
> Import / Export orbs of aspects sets
> Set orbs of aspects to a given degree
> Save Solar Returns or Progressed Charts directly as Birth Charts
> Critical preferences such as house system can be changed right on the wheel screen
> Wheels and fonts resize automatically
> Save and restore sets of the visible bodies on any chart
> Expanded Auto- Daylight Savings Time (post 2001)
– Now covers Australia, Brazil, European Union, Mexico, New Zealand

> Single Wheel, Bi-Wheel & Tri-Wheel
> Ten house structures
> All Wheels move in time with easy time control
> Each Ring on a wheel can be changed “On the Fly”
> Astronomical events can be searched in all three wheel modes
> Events can also be searched in “Derived Time” in most Progressions

> Streamlined Chart Records database screen
> Improved New Record process: allows for multiple entries, easier data entry
> Direct Latitude and Longitude entry is allowed
> Birth chart data includes current location for transits
> Birth information can be searched by 27 groupings or by typing the name
> Nine birth charts accessed by two keystrokes
> Birth charts can be exported / imported to share with PC or Mac Intrepid users
> Nine simultaneously active chart sets without overlapping on the screen
> Save single, bi- or tri-wheel charts and share with other Intrepid Users (Mac or PC)
> Nine active chart sets can by synched in time. Move one, they all move
> Saved chart sets include recording screen glyphs and preferences

> Search aspects: both outer to outer ring and outer to inner ring on bi-wheel charts
> Search aspects to planetary moons and major asteroids
> Find next or last Quarter Moons, Full and New Moons
> Searches active in Day per Year and 4 other progressions, arc directed & harmonic
> Find next or last solar or lunar eclipse
> Find sign or House entry date and time
> Find time when an object will reach a specific longitude
> Find retrograde and direct stations
> Find next or last solar or planetary returns
> Find precessed solar or lunar return
> Find time when an aspect will be precisely exact

> Search up to 12 months at a time
> Select heavenly bodies in transit
> Select heavenly bodies in birth chart
> Select aspects to be computed
> Select orbs of aspect
> Double hits shown in two lines in blue
> Near hits that go retrograde before exact aspect shown in red

> Functions from 1600 to 2400
> Calculate any one of four time frames
> Graphical & tabular ephemeris of luminaries, north node and planets
> Graphical & tabular ephemeris of six major asteroids
> Switch any ring to any chart type one the fly
* Switching into and out of converse mode takes only one click
> Ability to also change birth chart to associated return chart
> Transits
> Progressed – Day per Year
> Progressed – Day per Lunation
> Progressed – Lunation per Year
> Progressed – Minor
> Progressed – Tertiary
> Progressed – Day per Node Cycle
> Progressed – Lunation per Node Cycle
> Progressed – Year per Node Cycle
> Converse – Day per Year
> Converse – Day per Lunation
> Converse – Lunation per Year
> Converse – Minor
> Converse – Tertiary
> Converse — Day per Node Cycle
> Converse — Lunation per Node Cycle
> Converse — Year per Node Cycle

> Arc Directed Solar
> Arc Directed Lunar and all 8 planets & North Node
> Arc Directed Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Flores
> Converse Arc Directed Solar
> Converse Arc Directed Lunar and all 8 planets & North Node
> Converse Arc Directed Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Flores
> Rotated (Arabic Parts) – Rotate Sun
> Rotated (Arabic Parts) – Rotate Moon & 8 planets
> Rotate to ASC
> Rotate to any house cusp
> Total of 132 Rotated Chart options
> Harmonic (2nd thru 36th & selected harmonics beyond the 36th)
> Composite
> Relationship
> Birth Relocation
> Simple chart duplication
> Heliocentric birth
> Heliocentric transit
> Sidereal Zodiac (Lahiri and set your own offset)
– Single, Bi or tri-wheel
> True Vertical Zodiac
> Helmut Licht’s Solar Longitude Equivalent
> Birth, Day per Year & Transit
> Precession Charts
> Reflection Charts
– Solstice Axis
– Equinox Axis
>New “Magnified” Charts (concept inspired by Helmut Licht)
> Dwad fixed scheme
> Dwad sign based
> Quads
> Decanate fixed scheme
> Decanate sign based
> Auto-updating Solar, Lunar and planetary return charts
> One-Step Return Charts
> Draconic Charts with any planet to any zodiac sign
> Return Arc Directed Charts, Solar, Lunar and Planetary
> Transit Arc Directed auto resets to current return chart
> Converse Transit, auto-set to the current location

— with 19 major planetary moons
— Single or Bi-wheel; Birth and Transit w/ Birth + Birth in biwheel
> Mercurial (w/ asteroid Flores)
> Venusian (w/ asteroid Juno)
> Martian ( w/ Phobos & Deimos)
> Jovian (w/ Io, Europa, Ganymede & Callisto)
> Saturnian (w/ Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan & Iapetus)
> Uranian ( w/Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon)
> Neptunian ( w/ Titan & Nereid)
> Plutonian (w/ Charon)

> Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Chiron, Juno and Flores available on wheel at all times
> Any two additional asteroids on the wheel at any time
> Calculate first 7000 numbered asteroids upon startup
> Add any other asteroids for wheel and list use
> 9 largest KBO’s (Kuiper Belt Objects) available for the wheel
> Pre-set list of 78 asteroids from books of Martha Lang Wescott
>Addition of 78 Martha-Lang Wescott glyphs
> Pre-set list of 56 asteroids from book of J. Lee Lehman
> Pre-Set list of 8 Uranian Trans-Neptunians
> Easy to construct user asteroid lists
> Share asteroid lists with other Intrepid users (Mac or PC)
> Sort all asteroid lists by Number, Name, Longitude, Speed and Declination
> Database of 150,000 numbered asteroids with multiple search capabilities
> Graphic ephemeris of six major asteroids

> Any 8 of 9 largest KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects)
> Any 8 user supplied numbered asteroid
> Any 8 of 7000 asteroids by name or number (included in the program)
> Any 8 of 8 Uranian Trans-Neptunians
> Any 8 of 19 planetary moons
> Any 8 mid-point combination: luminaries, north node and planets
> Any 8 of the 1000 brightest fixed stars
> Any 8 of 8 planetary nodes
> 8 Trans-Neptunians put on the chart w/ 1 click
> 8 Planetary nodes put on the chart w/ 1 click
> 8 Largest KBOs on the chart w/ 1 click
> Vertex
> Black Moon Lilith (oscillating)

> Mid-Point Tree
> Mid-Points 360º sort of Luminaries, north node and planets
> “Giant 360º sort” adds 6 asteroids, 8 planetary nodes, 19 planetary moons

> Meanings for each degree & minute of the zodiac

> True Topocentric Vs. Geocentric – set individually for each of 9 active charts sets
> True north node vs. mean north node
> Any of 10 House Systems – set individually for each of the 9 active charts sets
> Orb of Aspects in 3 tiers and use selectable highlighting of tighter orbs
> Automatic Daylight Savings Time for most of the USA and Canada
> Set tropical or heliocentric zodiac – set individually for each of 9 active charts sets

0º Conjunction
15º Quarter-Sextile
30º Semi-Sextile
22.5º Quarter-Square
36º Semi-Quintile
40º Novile
45º Semi-Square
60º Sextile
72º Quintile
90º Square
120º Trine
135º Sesqui-Square
144º Bi-Quintile
150º Quincunx
165º Johndro
180º Opposition

> Transit Searches
> Ephemeris Table Generator
> Graphic Ephemeris Generator
> Mid-Point Tree
> Mid-Point 360º sorts
> User and Pre-set asteroids lists
> Bi-wheel inner to outer aspects table
> Zodiac themed cover sheets
> User defined fixed star lists
> Sun, Moon, north node to the arc-second + planetary nodes + planetary moons
> Print For Publication, print in Black & White
> Add “Caption Line” on most chart printouts

> Tri-Wheel
> Bi-Wheel
> Plain single wheel
> Single wheel with aspectarian, midpoints, asteroid data + more

> Optional zodiacal cover sheet
> Up to six additional charts including single and bi-wheels from 44 chart options

> “Super Birth” – Luminaries, north node, planets, 19 planetary moons, 6 asteroids
> “Super Birth” – 78 Midpoints on one wheel
> “Super Birth” — Single Screen with all MLW asteroids (unique for the Mac)

>Dwad fixed scheme
>Dwad sign based
>Decanate fixed scheme
>Decanate sign based

> Phase Angle Returns (exact)
> Converse Exact Phase Angle Returns
> Max elongation of Sun to Mercury
> Max elongation of Sun to Venus
> User Defined Phase Angles
> Converse User Phase Angle

> Natal Key Phrases from SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY ™
> Sun-Planet Phase Angle, on any ring, at any time, with Sky Appearance and Trend included
> Transiting House Cusps (also works in Progressions, etc.)
> Real-time aspect list any ring to any ring that can be output to spreadsheet.