Intrepid Screenshots


For complete instructions on using Intrepid and Sky Engine, make sure to check out their User Manuals >

INTREPID’s Home Screen

By designing all of Intrepid’s features to be as quickly accessible as possible, there are very few extra screens new users need to learn. The Chart Wheel(s), general display preferences, and nearly every feature or option is 1 or 2-clicks away.

 Intrepid screen


Locked to the chart wheel but minimizable at any time, each of Intrepid’s 5 keypads give you COMPLETE control over what the chart wheel shows you.

The HEAVENLY BODIES – GLYPHS Keypad is separated into Luminaries, Planets, Asteroids and Planetary Companions for On/Off toggling with 1 click. Easily save as many Glyph Sets as you wish and load them into the displayed Chart Wheel at any time.

Heavenly Bodies Keypad 1


HEAVENLY BODIES: User Points Keypad

Locked to the chart wheel but minimizable at any time, each of Intrepid’s 5 keypads give you COMPLETE control over what the chart wheel shows you.

The HEAVENLY BODIES – USER POINTS Keypad is a remarkably powerful tool for instantly adding any additional point on the displayed chart wheel. Choose from a multitude of wide-ranging options (click the screenshot for a larger view >) and keep track with every body you select in real time.

Includes: any asteroid, the Black Moon, Eris, any house cups, any midpoint, any of the planetary moons or planetary nodes, any star, the Galactic Center (Z) or Great Attractor (ZS), the Vertex, or all 8 Uranians (Cupido, Zeus, Kronos, Hades, Apollon, Admetos, Poseidon, Vulcanus), the largest Kuiper Belt Objects (including Sedna, Orcus, Haumea, Quaoar, Ixion), and all 8 planetary nodes.



Locked to the chart wheel but minimizable at any time, each of Intrepid’s 5 keypads give you COMPLETE control over what the chart wheel shows you.

The EVENTS & TIME Keypads give you a myriad of 1-click options to instantly bring the chart wheel(s) to any sign-, house- or degree-ingress, any aspect, any lunar phase, any eclipse, any station and any time increment! This is a super-powerful tool for Horary and Electional work, not to mention Chart Recitification.


 Events & Time Keypads


Locked to the chart wheel but minimizable at any time, each of Intrepid’s 5 keypads give you COMPLETE control over what the chart wheel shows you.

The MESSAGES Keypad is very useful for students of astrology or those professionals wanting to include pith descriptions of all the fundamental building blocks of the zodiac. The MESSAGES Keypad works by simply rolling your mouse over any:  degree, minute, sign glyph, planet or other body/point glyph or house number.



Messages Keypad 2


Birth Records

Much more than a simple lookup-and-add screen, you can manage your charts in numerous ways, from adding a Favorite Level, Importing, Exporting (Intrepid and QuickFormat), and instantly displaying a chart from over 50 types.


User Charts Database

Save single, bi- and tri-wheel charts and exchange with any Intrepid user or bring back on the screen at any time. Intrepid gives you 9 active chart sets on the screen all at once with easy switching and without wasting space.



Choose Birth Country

Creating new birth records is very easy with Intrepid’s integrated ACS Atlas.

Intrepid's Birth Record Location screen

Enter Date & Time

Automatically calculates the correct time zone and prevents the user from entering incorrect information.


Transit Search Menu

We’re confident you’ll appreciate how comprehensive, yet easy our Transit search menu is for both student and professional astrologer.


16 Types of Progressions

Unique in astrology, Intrepid was built to provide the widest array of progression techniques. Some of which we’re the originators of! The standards are here: Secondary (Day Per Year), Tertiary and Minor along with the revelatory Day-, Lunation- and Year per Node Cycle. We’ve also taken it seriously to include the converse or reverse versions of each of the standard forward progressions. This is an in-depth study for anyone seriously fascinated with directing the chart in time.

 Progressions - screen shot

Grand 360 Degree Sort

Instantly created positional lists for all the major groups of bodies and points.


Ephemeris Generator

Generates both graphical and table ephemerides for planetary bodies and asteroids with extreme accuracy. Specify your location (Topocentric) for even more accurate results.


 Ephemeris screen

Fixed Star Database

Intrepid makes it easy to find any of the 1,000 brightest stars. Find your start by Name or Constellation and place up to 8 on a wheel or create a user list of up to 25 stars at once.


Asteroids 1

Search over 7,000 of the top asteroids by name or number and have them instantly added to your displayed chart wheels.



Asteroids 2

Add/create your own asteroid sets from 150,000 numbered asteroids for your research.


Printing Menu

Create a printout from any ring on the screen or all rings at once.



Print Multiple Screens Menu

Print up to six pages at once with an optional zodiacal art cover sheet. Add the cover sheet when just printing one page.




User Preferences

Customize your use of Intrepid with its full range of user preferences. A unique feature of Intrepid preferences is the ability to group up to 9 charts on your ‘worktable.’ These 9 charts are kept close at hand for quick exchanging in the chart wheel, printing, bodies lists, and more.

 User Preferences screen

SuperBirth Triwheel Chart

See all 78 mid-points on the screen at once. Perhaps a much quicker and more intuitive way to look at natal mid-points. Identify those midpoints of interest with Intrepid’s SuperBirth display, and then instantly populate a standard uniwheel (Natal chart), biwheel (Natal + Transit), or triwheel (Natal + SP + Transit) with those midpoints of interest.



On-Screen Help Example

We made sure to include tooltips for most features and buttons in Intrepid.


Phase Angle & Converse Angle Returns

Start with any chart’s unique phase angle (or “elongation”) between two bodies, and use this easy feature to find the next time they return to the same celestial relationship by longitude degree. When a Phase-Angle return is found and the two bodies are in reverse zodiacal relationship or “converse return”, Intrepid displays that result in red indicating a converse return. Easily export the data to an Excel or csv-friendly app.




User-Defined Phase Angle Search

When you’re looking for a specific elongational distance, a “phase angle,” between two bodies, simply define it with this handy tool by Degree and Minute of arc, and click Find. Easily export the data to an Excel or csv-friendly app.

User Defined Phase Angles

Planet-Centered Chart Wheels

Intrepid is the only software in the world that brings 11 zodiac views, including the view from each planet!


Report Writers (aka “Interpretations”)

Intrepid was built not only to accommodate as many individual Report Writers as we wanted, but to break new ground in customizing reports for you. For example, the three Hidden Talents Reports come with keywords which you can include or not include in every report you produce.

Choose from:

  • Intuition & Insight (based on one’s Uranus transits)
  • Psychic Powers (based on one’s Neptune transits)
  • Secret Abilities (based on one’s Pluto transits)
  • Lifetime Development Report
  • Creative Potentials Report
  • All 8 Planet-Centered Reports (another first for Intrepid! These are reports generated from our exclusive Planet-Centered Zodiac chart wheels, which are included in every copy of Intrepid. 

Intrepid’s Report Writers are additional purchases. Visit the Store to learn more and order >


Help Screen

The Help screen is always there to remind you of every Keyboard Shortcut, including those for chart wheels, Time Keypad, Progressions.