Sky Engine Screenshots

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Sky Engine’s Home Screen

Consistent with Intrepid’s approach to on-screen, easy navigation, Sky Engine presents each of its features from its main window.

Sky Engine home


Search buttons, Time and Place relocation, Export, Phase Angle searches, Cycle Info and Sky Settings buttons are easy to identify.

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Search Types

Choose from a NOW search, a Next or Now + Next, or the DAY PER YEAR search. All results instantly appear in the Results area.

Search Type

Header and Search Results

Double-click on any dataline result of your search and instantly jump Intrepid’s single, bi- or triwheel to that moment.

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Sky Graphic

The world’s most interactive graphical depiction of the planets’ movements through their respective cycles. All orders
of Sky Engine include 13 DIFFERENT graphics, based on the planet and system you selected in your search.

Sky Graphic

Sky Preferences

Sky Engine is the world’s only search engine fitted with most of the known Traditional definitions of phases,
including those from Paulus (Hellenistic), Abu Mashar, Al Biruni (Arabic), William Lilly (Christian), and others.

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Search Results Area

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