Intrepid Astrological Software FAQ

1) When I e-mail a user chart from a PC to a Mac, the Mac Intrepid user can’t load it?

If you encounter this problem, the PC user should zip the user chart before e-mailing.  This appears to solve the problem in all cases we know of.  Also, our tests show there is no problem going from a Mac to a PC with a user chart without zipping or otherwise compressing the file. 

2) Is Intrepid required in order to run any of the Intrepid Reports?

Yes,  Intrepid parts all work together and once you have purchased Intrepid, you pay just the cost of each Interpretation or other add-on for Intrepid.  When you open Intrepid, all add-ons / Interpretations that you have purchased are all accessible all at once.  You never have to open some other application.

3) Is it possible to have a birth chart, a planetary arc-directed chart (e.g., Venus arc-directed) and have the converse of said planetary arc-directed all on the screen at the same time?  If you move Intrepid in time do both arc-directed rings move at the same time?

Yes, and Yes.  To our knowledge, Intrepid in the only astrological software that contains either of these features.