Intrepid User Feedback OLD

“Really like the moving wheels, asteroid coverage & trans-neptunian objects. An incredible research tool and absolutely the best bang for the buck on the market.”
– Gary P. Caton

“INTREPID 3.0 was delivered to me at 14:10 GMT 3rd July 2009 and since then I have been so much fascinated by its versatility to such an extent that by now I must praise your thought ” Astrology based on Astronomy “! Congratulations for the originality of your endeavor and your diligent collaboration with Stephanie Jean Clement whose interpretations animate your unique achievement ! ! ! You(r) whole project raises Astrology to the states of Great Eminence, Verifiable Fortitude and Glorious Excellence ! ! !”
– Spyridon M. from Greece

“Thank you so much for the upgrade to Intrepid 3.0. As a student in the AFA “Super Star” course, I have found it very valuable in checking my mathematical calculations and also exploring all the “extras.” I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in chart calculation. — (2 days later Morgan added) — Thank you so much! That fix worked perfectly. All the glyphs are now there. I really appreciate all of your help with this. It was very nice to be able to speak with you and receive that personal touch and service. I am now a fan of Intrepid, forever!!!!!”
– Morgan G. from Idaho

“I just have to say that Intrepid is awesome and the more time I spend using it the cooler it is.”
– Robert W. from Los Angeles

“Intrepid is a brilliant astrology software program! It is so easy to us and changing the screen is as simple as one touch. It takes into account the beginner as well as the professional Astrologer. I’m introducing this software to all my students”.
– Andrea Klim,, Professional Astrologer from East Derry, NH

“Thank you so much for (the tech support call) this morning. I am working with the program and loving it. I just read my Secret Abilities Report (part of the Hidden Talents Report Series) and I love it!!!!!!!”
– Susan H. from Los Angeles

“Today , I got the package in the mail. Thank you for your efficient and prompt service, I really appreciate it very much. I was very excited to see the instructional video and other things and what you have done, the years of research {you have} done and made available to the Astrological Students like me. My best wishes you and your whole team of the Intrepid and best luck for the future. The 5 progression what you have made Jeff are amazing I would be waiting for your book to come out, Sir. Thanking you once again for the amazing work and research you have carried. I would be waiting what could be the next level of Intrepid that would be amazing and research work. Since I am going on the analytical method of astrology the software is going to help definitely to me from all counts.
Amar P.  from India

“The speed improvement {from vers 1.4 to ver 2.0 on the Mac} is very impressive. The user database is convenient. I like that on one screen you can do so much. I think this {Intrepid} is a great contribution to the astrological community. It’s great to have a program that explores so many new ideas – and to be able to research it all!” 
– Jaya from Australia

“The depth and flexibility of the charts, the ease of exciting commands is magical for precessed (solar and lunar) returns is magical. Great work, the instructional video is excellent.”
– Marsha B, Oregon