“This program is awesome, fabulous, and all the other wonderful praise words you can think of…. Whoever created this program, it is an absolute genius! What a wonderful tool!  Tom Parks told me this was the best one ever and now I understand why he raved so much about it.” – Kathleen, New Mexico

Andrea Klim

“Intrepid is a brilliant astrology software program! It is so easy to us and changing the screen is as simple as one touch. It takes into account the beginner as well as the professional Astrologer. I’m introducing this software to all my students.” – Andrea Klim, Professional Astrologer

“The depth and flexibility of the charts, the ease of exciting commands is magical for precessed (solar and lunar) returns is magical. Great work, the instructional video is excellent.” – Marcia, OR

“Thank you so much for (the tech support call) this morning. I am working with the program and loving it. I just read my Secret Abilities Report (part of the Hidden Talents Report Series) and I love it!!!!!!!” – Susan, LA, CA

“The speed improvement is very impressive. The user database is convenient. I like that on one screen you can do so much. I think Intrepid is a great contribution to the astrological community. It’s great to have a program that explores so many new ideas – and to be able to research it all!” – Jaya, New South Wales, AUS

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