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SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ Decoding the Solar System by Jeffrey Sayer Close

In his new book published by AFA, astrologer and astrological software designer Jeffrey Close takes a fresh and innovative look at the nature of the planets. He uses the physical arrangement of the solar system, the orbital positions, the inclinations of orbital planes and the size of the planets to lead to a natural meaning for each planet. These new fundamentals are incorporated in his software program, Intrepid.

Jeffrey has studied astrology for 40 years, holds a BA in physics and a MA in telecommunications, and has designed telecommunications networks for more than 25 corporations. He can be reached through his Web site,

Jeffrey: The idea is that meanings in astrology should be evident from the astronomy of the situation. As “self-evident” as would please Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

AFA: What led you to your “self-evident” theories?
Jeffrey: I have always been someone who wanted to know how things worked. I have always been ready to question authority especially when asked to take something “on faith.” I would go to astrology classes and always be told to just accept concepts like fire, air, water and earth signs. But I couldn’t do it and would not continue to attend.

AFA: What is your education/professional experience?
Jeffrey: I have a BA in physics and an MS in telecommunications, and 25 years experience in broadcast engineering, computer software and telecommunications network design. I built and ran a very successful telecom software pricing company prior to currently running the Astrological Bureau of Ideas.

AFA: Why do you believe your education and business experience have put you into a good position to discover astrological fundamentals?
Jeffrey: A non-professional astrologer is more likely to question the accepted assumptions of astrology. Since becoming an amateur astrologer in 1969, I have questioned almost every tenant of astrology.

AFA: You say in your book that, “the planets mean what they are and are what they mean.” Explain this statement.
Jeffrey: It means that the physical arrangement of the planets in the solar system, the orbital positions, the inclinations of orbital planes and things such as the mere size of a planet lead to a natural meaning for each planet. In other words, astronomy and astrology are two sides of the same coin.

AFA: You discuss the moons of the planets. What significance do they have in astrology?
Jeffrey: The planetary moons each highlight an aspect of the energy of their parent planet. For six of the planets there is a moon of that planet which reinforces the meaning of the planet. For example, if Mars means “individuals separating,” then the moon Deimos, which is separating from the other moon of Mars (Phobos), reinforces that meaning.

AFA: Briefly explain your theory of integration and separation and how it relates to planets and astrology.
Jeffrey: In the solar system everything is in one of two categories. Objects are either integrating (or are remaining integrated) or they are separating (or have separated). For example, the atmosphere of Mars has separated from the planet, but the atmosphere on Venus holds in the energy of the Sun (aka green-house effect). Hence, Mars is related to separation and Venus is related to integration.

AFA: Can you give an example using a birth chart of how SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ can provide greater insights into the birth chart?
Jeffrey: Thomas Jefferson (click here to see chart) has Neptune (community separation) in Pisces (family endings) in house ten (community). It could easily be said that the life business of Thomas Jefferson was to bring an end to the English community and separate from it. A traditional approach would have said that Mr. Jefferson was in the business of being confused and creative in business. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach, the “self-evident” approach makes it easier to put the pieces of a chart together.

AFA: How does SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ incorporate the traditional four elements of astrology?
Jeffrey: The four elements of astrology relate to the four basic ways we see the world:
fire = individual
water = family
earth = community
air = humanity
Human relationships are either vertical such as boss to employee/parent to child or they are horizontal as one individual to another/any one of a very large group. Hence: SMALL NUMBER OF LARGE NUMBER OF
VERTICAL family (water) [IC] community (earth) [MH]
HORIZONTAL individuals (fire) [ASC] humanity (air) [DSC]

AFA: Do asteroids have a role in SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™?
Jeffrey: Asteroids also mean what they are. For example, Juno, the brightest asteroid, is related to Venus, the brightest planet. Another role is that the asteroid belts are natural separators of the solar system and the four planets next to (or inside) an asteroid belt are the four related to the idea of separation (Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto).

AFA: Are SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ concepts incorporated in Intrepid, your astrological software?
Jeffrey: Yes, when you roll the mouse over a planet or house, etc., the “self-evident” meaning is displayed in the message box. The planetary moons are in Intrepid. There are also five new progressions based on SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™.

AFA: What are the outstanding features of Intrepid?
Jeffrey: In addition to calculating natal, transit and progressed charts, INTREPID has these outstanding features:
• Mac and PC versions are the same
• A user manual written for the beginner
• A two-hour tutorial DVD is included
• Five new progressions
• Extensive asteroid coverage
• 19 planetary moons
• 11 zodiacs including the view from each planet
• You can change chart rings on the fly
• Designed to use the left and right side of the mind.
• Forward and converse planetary arc directed charts
• Exceptionally easy to use with beautiful graphics
• 14 available professional interpretation report writers
• A very reasonable price

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