From: The New Hampshire Union Leader

Portions from The New Hampshire Union Leader – Pages B1 and B2

 “The stars aren’t blind” an interview with an Intrepid Reseller — Astrologer Andrea Klim regarding Andrea’s TV Show “Turn To The Stars”

Last week her guest was Jeff Close of Groton, Mass, founder of the Astrological Bureau of Ideas, innovator of what he calls “SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™”, asmd creator of Intrepid software, to simplify the work of astrologists.

Together they analyzed America’s birth chart, based on the position of the stars on July 4, 1776.  They discussed how it relates to the current swine flu epidemic, and based on the nation’s chart, how long before the threat subsides.

Klim said that astrologers like Jeff Close provide a missing link between astrology and astronomy, helping to legitimize astrology as more than cosmic voodoo by emphasizing the planetary science involved.

 “Based on what we know about the position and properties of the planets it’s possible to see how people and events are affected or influenced.  It is a science as well as a spiritual practice, which really makes sense to me, because I’m not just a physical, biological being; I’m also a spirit,” Klim said.

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