“He’s Computing with the Stars”

“He’s Computing with the Stars”
From The Manchester Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT), 1997
Reporter  Anne Saunders
Selected paragraphs from the full page article

Jeffrey S. Close looks to the computer to make his living, but for his future he looks to the stars.

“I have a new approach to astrology that will turn it upside down,” he predicts.

Close just purchased a friend’s business, the Astrological Bureau of Ideas …  that creates astrological charts for people by computer.  Eventually he will include information on interpreting these charts based on his new theory.

“I paired the planets up”, he explains.  In addition he has correlated his planetary pairs with (the) four aspects of a person’s life — individual, family, community and humanity.

The characteristics of each planet dictated the pairings and their meanings.

“My theory is that the planets mean what they are and are what they mean”, he says.

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