Intrepid Interpretations Wanted

Intrepid SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ offers a unique opportunity to the professional astrologer with a passion for comprehensive Interpretations and for those who wish to go beyond traditional interpretations.

Intrepid Offers Unique Insights to the Interpreter:

  • The Newly Discovered 8 Planetary Companions *
  • 5 New Progressions *
  • Change any chart ring on the fly
  • Planetary Moons calculated in their own zodiac
  • Forward and Converse Planetary arc directed
  • Comprehensive asteroid coverage as well as all types of:
    Planetary nodes,
    Harmonic Charts
    Rotated Charts (Arabic Parts)
    Self-Evident Numerology for degrees and minutes

* Planetary Companions, converse arc directed, changing rings “on the fly” and Five New Progressions are unique to Intrepid

See Sample Birth Chart Below:

SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ unlocks the meaning of the Planetary Companions and gives a whole new dimension to Interpretation.

Intrepid also includes the Day Per Lunation chart. Common Wisdom would have one using the Lunar Return position for a progression. However the major action of the Moon is the Full Moon (or New Moon). Hence Intrepid has 2 new progressions based on Lunation (and three additional progressions based on the True position of the North Node).

Contact ABOI Director, Jeffrey Close at 978-448-2305 between 8 AM & 8 PM Eastern Mon-Sat.