Intrepid & Sky Engine Software

Native on both Mac & PC…
looks the same, runs the same!


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INTREPID is the only full-featured professional astrology software that is identical on Windows and Mac (fully native on either platform — no emulations!)

Intrepid-avatar-4INTREPID was designed to be completely user-friendly not programmer-friendly! We built the on-screen displays wide not deep Рthis means you only need 1 or 2 clicks to change almost all displayed options like displayed bodies, type of wheels, house systems, and even asteroids and fixed stars! Buy or Upgrade your Intrepid >

Sky Engine SoftwareINTREPID is also home to astrology’s only dedicated search engine for instantly finding any planetary phase or cycle. It’s an invaluable tool for transit and forecasting work, as well as being an important ally to any astrological researcher. Learn more about Sky Engine¬†>

Simple-RW-stackINTREPID runs 14 proprietary report writers: pick from our Lifetime Development Report, 3 Hidden Talents Reports, and our exclusive set of 8 Planet-Centered Zodiac Reports. Read more here >