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We are proud that our astrology software products have shown steady sales growth each year since 2007. By becoming a Reseller, you can increase your net return without any cost to you, while our products gain exposure.

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Basic Program Details

  • You receive an email for each sale originating from your website.
  • Each month’s earnings will be paid via paypal within 15 days of months end.
  • Feel free to email us with any questions or comments!

We utilize a hassle-free, automated system for signing yourself up to the program. You simply place your unique Reseller code onto your site’s pages. This allows our system to ‘track’ which clicks and sales came from your website’s visitors and report that in real-time to you. You also can select which of our products and services you’d like to link to, if you prefer to be more specific than linking to our Shop page. And on your website, you can add a simple text link, graphic button or create your own product page for any of our software products!

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Program Setup

Please ensure that your browser can accept cookies before beginning. It is super easy and fast to become an Intrepid Reseller!

  1. Create your Reseller account here >
  2. After creating your account, you’ll be asked to log in. Here is the link to log in which you may wish to save as a Bookmark or Favorite in your web browser:
  3. After logging in, manage your entire account including real-time stats, commissions owed and more. Here’s a screenshot:

resellers-graphic And that’s it!

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