INTREPID 3.5 for Windows or Macintosh

Upgrade from 1.15 and 1.4 to Intrepid 3.5

Upgrade from 2.0 and 2.5 to Intrepid 3.5




REPORT WRITERS that can be added on to your Intrepid:


Lifetime Development Report Writer

  Creative Potentials Report Writer $125

Hidden Talents Report Writers

Intuition & Insight – explores your style of intuition, insight and the timing of your natural intuition development.

Psychic Powers – focuses on your psychic ability and how best to develop it.

Secret Abilities – reveals your myriad secret abilities and when they are readily available.

All 3 Hidden Talents + Special Combined Report
Purchase all 3 Hidden Talents Report Writers and receive a FREE writer that auto-merges all three reports into one file.






$200 (33% discount)


Planet Centered Zodiac Report Writers
In step with our planet-centered wheel charts included in Intrepid, each Planet-Centered Report Writer delivers in-depth insight focused from each of our solar system neighbors and includes their Planetary Companions! Written by Stephanie J. Clement, president of AFA.

Mercurial, Venusian, Martian, Jovian, Saturnian, Uranian, Neptunian, & Plutonian Zodiacs

All 8 Planet Centered Report Writers




$100 each

(50% off)


All Star Suite of 15 Report Writers

 15 Report Writers only 

15 Report Writers + Intrepid 3.5

$825 ($250 savings)

$950 ($275 savings)


Sky Engine Software Module 
The world’s only instant look-up for finding a planet’s heliacal cycle and phase! Instantly convert planets on the chart to planets in the sky! (Requires Intrepid 3.0 or later)


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