Sky Engine

Sky Engine is a special add-on module to Intrepid which breaks new ground in astrological computing. Nowhere else can the astrologer or student perform research based on the visible phases and cycles of the planets in a comparative environment. 

Sky Engine is the world’s only synodic and heliacal search engine. Why is this important (in addition to being pretty cool)? One reason stands above all others: 

A planet’s heliacal cycle and phases represent the original astrological transmission in human history – what the human eye can see, the human mind can understand, correlate and come to rely on for worldly life.

The algorithms we used to program each of the planet’s phases demand a deeper understanding of a planet’s movement than its simple longitude. The result? 

Our understanding of a planet – whether applied natally or in mundane work – simultaneously expands into a far more robust, multi-dimensional one coherent with modern techniques while at the same time remains firmly in step and illuminating of ancient techniques and perspectives. 




Visit the Sky Engine website…skyengine-fullmark-nobg-3