Intrepid All Star Suite of Report Writers


Every Intrepid Report Writers at your fingertips for family, friends, clients and customers! Includes the Hidden Talents Combined Report Writer for no additional charge, for a total of 14 unique Writers!




The complete set of every Report Writer currently offered for Intrepid Astrology Software. Save $250  with your purchase of the All Star Suite. With 14 individually insightful Report Writers, your clients and customers can have the full range of choices for living in more alignment with their planets and stars! The All Star Suite includes:

Report Writers for Personal Growth

Report Writers for Transpersonal Wisdom


Hidden Talents Reports are generated from within Intrepid Software. They are produced in pdf format or can be printed, and work on both Windows or Macintosh platforms. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer.

Additional information

13 + 1

We currently offer 13 unique Report Writers. With any purchase of all three Hidden Talent Writers, you also receive free a special report which automatically combines all three individual Hidden Talent Reports into one! This is why your purchase of the All Stars Suite comes with 13 + 1 Report Writers.


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