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INTREPID is the only full featured professional astrology software that is identical on Windows and Mac (fully native on either platform — no emulations).

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Intrepid Astrology Software is built from the ground to the sky to be as easy and user-friendly as possible without sacrificing the go-to techniques that most astrologers rely on. Thanks to Intrepid’s super-accessible user interface (UI), both students, researchers and professionals have come to depend on Intrepid’s on-screen panels and 1-click settings to make any adjustments they need to what’s on the screen and the parameters for any search they wish to perform.

Intrepid screen

Without ever leaving the chart screen, you can:

* Convert your wheel to/from a uniwheel, biwheel or triwheel instantly
* Create a new wheel for any progression, transit, harmonic or direction
* Move progressions and transits to any date
* Move wheels forward or backward in time by any interval
* Track direct and converse progressions at the same time
* Change the progression method but retain progressed date
* Track the speed of planetary directions
* Change house and coordinate systems
* Add or remove asteroids, stars, many other bodies and points
* Even track your favorite asteroid or star in progressed wheels!


Watch Intrepid Astrology Software video tutorials

  Intrepid Watch Intrepid in action!
Video tutorials from Intrepid’s inventor, Jeffrey S. Close!

Events & Time Keypads

With the Events and Time Keypads, 1-3 clicks allows you to instantly move your Wheel to see:

* The last or next Lunar Phases (New, 1st Quarter, Full, Last Quarter)
* The last and next Eclipse
* The next occurrence of ANY aspect between ANY two planets
* Any planet’s next ingress of a Sign, House, or even a Degree/Minute
* Any planet’s last or next Direct and Retrograde Station
* Any time interval from 1 sec to 99 years
* Jump to specific date and/or time
* Your own real-time astro-clock based on your computer’s time.

If you practice Electional Astrology, Horary Astrology or if you rely on Rectification techniques, these instant display features will transform the speed and efficiency with which you work.


Like visuals? Jump to our complete list of screenshots with explanations:

Intrepid Screenshots


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If you’re new Report Writers, these add-ons to Intrepid Software empower you to generate custom reports for anyone born anywhere at anytime. They are great ideas for increasing revenue quickly and easily from your website.

The secret is to select only those reports that are well-written by professionals. We’re pretty picky about which astrologers we work with. Our report writers are written by AFA President, Stephanie J. Clement who is skilled both in excellence of interpretations and clear writing style.

Built natively into Intrepid, each Report Writer can be easily printed on paper or electronically (ie, pdf). We’ve also built unique features into some of the reports, such as the ability to include or exclude keywords. Keywords are perfect for astrology students and great for the professional astrologer who sell reports to their clients and/or students.

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Intrepid Astrology Software v3.6
Feature List


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Intrepid Astrology Software is the ONLY full featured 
astrology software that runs identically on Windows 
and Mac. We call it “going native”… no emulations or parallels!

Tech Requirements for your computer:

  • Mac or PC computers
  • OS X 10.5-10.9
  • Win XP, Vista or Win8.1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • 512 Megabytes of core memory
  • 750 Megabytes of free hard drive space
  • Minimum monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (1280×1024 preferred)
  • Color printer recommended
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Included Products

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Additional information

Development Approach

In the last 7 years at conferences and meetings around the US, the number one response we’ve heard from old and new customers alike is how EASY Intrepid is to use. We’re proud of this! We’ve really thought through how all current softwares have a significant learning curve as new users need to learn how the software thinks rather than the other way around! Click the ABOUT tab at the top of this page to learn more >


  1. “Intrepid is a brilliant astrology software program! It is so easy to us and changing the screen is as simple as one touch. It takes into account the beginner as well as the professional Astrologer. I’m introducing this software to all my students.” – Andrea Klim, Professional Astrologer

  2. “The depth and flexibility of the charts, the ease of exciting commands is magical for precessed (solar and lunar) returns is magical. Great work, the instructional video is excellent.” – Marcia, OR

  3. To the team at Intrepid, keep up the good work. I love Intrepid’s user interface and prefer it to any other astrology program. It’s both powerful and flexible, allowing me to quickly see whatever I need to in a chart or get to any upcoming or past planetary event.

    Also, my young daughter’s favorite feature is the free-running mode. She loves watching the moon chase the other planets around the sky.

  4. Intrepid is the best Astrology Software for Amateurs & Professionals looking to research, print Natal charts and look into the past, and the future. The Interface is 100% user friendly and doesn’t take long to become familiar with. Jeffrey and the Intrepid team have produced a top quality piece of software, along with instructional videos to help along the way. Thanks again for your help, and patience, with setting up the software Jeffrey!

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