The Mercury Zodiac Report Writer


Have a deeper look at the magic of your personal communication style!

Runs on Intrepid 3.0 or later.




Welcome to the world’s first suite of Planet-Centered Report Writers! We are proud to offer a truly new vision for astrological interpretation…

Seeking solutions has become as simple as looking at planet-centered charts and interpreting life from their perspectives. The Planet Centered Zodiac Report Writers provide alternatives that you already know about, but may have forgotten in the midst of confusion or crises. These reports add talents to each planet’s arsenal of strength.

Mercury Zodiac Report Writer

How do you think? What are your best methods of communicating? Do you communicate well in groups or are you more successful one-to-one? Do you have greater verbal or written talent? This report covers your special intellectual attributes and challenges to your thinking style.

Read a sample report:

Mercury Zodiac Report for Alice Bailey


Planet Centered Charts + Report Writers

Intrepid Software is the only charting program which can produce highly accurate birth charts from the surface of our planetary neighbors! All 8 Planet Centered Chart Wheels are included in every copy of Intrepid Astrology Software.

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When viewed holistically, our solar system is far more than individual bodies circling a star. Each planet holds a vital perspective for every other planet in its truest nature. The rising and setting of the Sun, stars and planets from the surface of any planet contextualizes  in a unique way the inherent relationships between them. We believe it is important to be familiar with many perspectives so that we can make wiser choices, personally, inter-personally, culturally and globally.

Each Planet Centered Zodiac Report Writer is written by AFA President Stephanie J. Clement PhD and delivers laser-like focus and revealing insight about your broader nature. Each Planet-Centered Report carries you further into understanding yourself from the invaluable perspectives of each of our celestial neighbors!


Hidden Talents Reports are generated from within Intrepid Software. They are produced in pdf format and work on both Windows or Macintosh platforms. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer.



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