Secret Abilities Report Writer


Secret Abilities Report Writer explores your myriad secret abilities and when they are readily available.




Based on your PLUTO transits, this Report explores those innate traits you possess which either you intentionally keep secret or do not (yet) know about. Special focus is on your best ways and times to act on them.

From the Secret Abilities Report: “The truly remarkable moments in your life are all about transformation of your soul and the synthesis of power and will. You may feel the onset of Pluto’s energy months or years in advance of the astrological indicators.”

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“Thank you so much for (the tech support call) this morning.  I am working with the program and loving it.  I just read my Secret Abilities Report (part of the Hidden Talents Report Series) and I love it!!!!!!! Susan H. – Los Angeles

Report Benefits

Here are only a few of the benefits of this empowering, personal information:

    • Leverage YOUR unique talents for the best results and best timing
    • Greater awareness of material surroundings
    • Heightened sensitivity to future possibilities
    • Ability to sense underlying emotions of others
    • Preparedness for crises
    • More fulfilling romance
    • Capacity to affect your environment more positively

The Hidden Talents reports provide vital information for your customers and clients to enrich their lives by taking advantage of the second, hidden, extrasensory talents they possess.

Unique Customization

    • Let’s say you only wish to generate a report for a 10-year period. No problem! Select the Report you’re interested in, enter the beginning and ending age of the person you’re creating the report for, and hit Go. It’s that easy! This unique innovation promotes repeat sales and avoids ‘too much information’ syndrome in your customers’ minds.
    • Every Hidden Talents report comes with optional KEY PHRASES which you turn on or off when you create a new report. They key phrases are great for astrologers and astrology students, and can always be turned off for customer and client reports.

Beautiful Artwork

Intrepid Hidden Talents produce beautiful cover sheets like this one:


Hidden Talents Reports are generated from within Intrepid Software. They are produced in pdf format and work on both Windows or Macintosh platforms. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer.

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  1. “Thank you so much for (the tech support call) this morning. I am working with the program and loving it. I just read my Secret Abilities Report (part of the Hidden Talents Report Series) and I love it!!!!!!!” – Susan, LA, CA

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