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A special add-on module to Intrepid, Sky Engine puts the power of the planets' visual cycles in your hands. Instantly find precise moments when a planet or asteroid first rises, last sets or reaches any of its critical points in the sky. Includes the work of the world's top synodic and heliacal astrologers, from both ancient and modern traditions!

Requires Intrepid 3.0 or later.



The only real-sky software for finding planetary cycles. A researcher’s answer and a sky-watcher’s dream!

Astrology’s most ancient roots – naked-eye observation of planetary events – is now available at your fingertips!

Sky Engine is a complete search engine for performing detailed searches into the synodic cycles of the planets. Simple searches instantly produce detailed data on any planet’s full sky picture – elongation, latitude, declination, speed, brightness and more.

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With the one-click graphics module, Sky Engine shows you in the sky where planets are relative to the horizon and in their current cycles.


Toggle the planets’ positions and watch them make their way through the sky! Sky Engine is also the only astrology software to show brightness along with latitude, speed and declination trends! Every planet is represented by multiple synodic systems from the ancient traditions to contemporary methods.

We’ve built Sky Engine to meet the needs of both the consulting astrologer and researcher. Choose from 4 Search Types:

Search Type

  • NOW – Find every phase in the current cycle of any planet with just 2 clicks.
  • NOW + NEXT – Expand your search to the current + next cycle just as easily.
  • NEXT # – Go even further and find up to the next 99 cycles of phases… you decide how many!
  • DAY PER YEAR – Instantly find every DPY (secondary progressed) phase shift within a lifetime!

Sky Engine finds not only complete cycles of all phases, but empowers you to create your own searches! Select your planet and system. Choose from:

  • Heroic Journey – heliacal work of astrologer Gary P. Caton for all planets and top 4 asteroids.
  • Shamanic Astrology – heliacal work of astrologers Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell for all visible planets.
  • Soulsign Astrology – heliacal work of astrologer Adam Gainsburg for Venus and Mars.
  • Traditional – original research and translations of Hellenistic and Medieval texts by astrologer Deborah Houlding for all visible planets.

Data results are fast, accurate, and instantly display a chart wheel for that moment.

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You can even specify your search down to a specific cycle or even a phase! … “Find the next 10 heliacal rises of Venus as an evening star during her Cancer Cycle.” Sky Engine is the world’s only truly synodic software! No one else gives you this kind of research tool. Accurate down to 1/1000 of an arc-second, Sky Engine proudly runs on the Intrepid Professional Software platform for both Windows and Mac.

Sky Engine is another ‘world’s first’ to our complete line of astrology software. It was created by Adam Gainsburg and programmed by Jeffrey Close.

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