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We are proud to offer a truly new vision for astrological interpretation…

THE WORLD’S FIRST Planet-Centered Astrology Report Writers!

Another of our rule-breaking innovations, Intrepid Software is the only charting program which can produce highly accurate birth charts from the surface of our planetary neighbors for any birth time as well as detailed information gleaned from the Planetary Moon aspects too! And the interpretations, written by AFA President Stephanie J. Clement PhD, deliver laser-like focus and revealing insight about your broader nature. Each Planet-Centered Report carries you further into understanding yourself from the invaluable perspectives of each of our celestial neighbors!

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Each Planet Centered Astrology Report Writer explains in detail the meanings found in the associated Planet Centered astrology chart wheel. These unique chart wheels are included with every copy of Intrepid Astrology Software.

About the Zodiac Report Writers


The Mercury Zodiac Report Writer
How do you think? What are your best methods of communicating? Do you communicate well in groups or are you more successful one-to-one? Do you have greater verbal or written talent? This report covers your special intellectual attributes and challenges to your thinking style.

Venus-Zodiac-RW-2The Venus Zodiac Report Writer
We all want to know about love-life and relationships. This is the first report to focus exclusively on the energy of Venus. How do you handle relationships—what are you looking for? What are your strengths in dealing with love? Who do you get along with and what should you avoid? This report gives you a whole new set of choices.

Mars-Planet-Centered-RW 2The Mars Zodiac Report Writer
Mars is the planet of energy and action. This report covers your approach to sports and physical action. How do you apply your energies? How do you avoid scattering your energy? How can you best focus your energies on the things that matter most? Deimos and Phobos enrich the Mars-centered perspective.

Jupiter-Zodiac-Report-Writer-2The Jupiter Zodiac Report Writer
Jupiter is the king of the planets. How do you act in a grand fashion? Learn where expansive change impacts your life, processes that work for you, spiritual wisdom and soul expression. How can you take advantage of the easier times in life? And how do you handle being “pushed” out into new areas? The Jupiter centered report program provides the answers.

Saturn-Zodiac-Report-Writer-2The Saturn Zodiac Report Writer
Saturn is involved with structures in your life, responsibility and authority, intelligent action, and the role of Karma. Should you be in a position of authority? Is it better to leave that to others? How can you constructively rebel against authority when restrictions hold you down?

Uranus-Zodiac-Report-Writer-2The Uranus Zodiac Report Writer
Luck has to be earned — so how do you earn it? This report covers sudden changes in the rhythm of life and awareness. It also reveals how your intuition can help you to both “roll with the punches” also go for an unexpected opportunity.

Neptune-Zodiac-Report-Writer-2The Neptune Zodiac Report Writer
Life has its reversals and confusions. How can you make the most of these? How does your creativity express itself? Neptune is known for dissolving of boundaries, revealing psychic potential of all kinds and relaxation of mental boundaries. This report brings clarity to hidden parts of your life – including creativity you didn’t know you had!

Pluto-Zodiac-Report-Writer-2The Pluto Zodiac Report Writer
If you have wished for a map of potential transformation, personal power and will, and unpredictable factors that break all rules, now you have one. Did you ever feel that no one understood you? What genius do you possess and how well do you deal with secrets? This is the report that tells you about all deeply hidden things in your life.

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Hidden Talents Reports are generated from within Intrepid Software. They are produced in pdf format and work on both Windows or Macintosh platforms. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer.

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